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Cskills Awards L2 NVQ Certificate in Team Leading


(QRN ref: 600/7754/2)

Unit CodeMSC E12
TitleManage knowledge in own area of responsibility
Credit Value4
Guided Learning Hours15
Learning outcomes
The learner will be able to:
Assessment criteria
The learner can:
1Be able to understand existing knowledge management in own area of responsibility.1.1Describe how knowledge is gained and applied in own area of responsibility.
1.2Explain how knowledge is shared in own area of responsibility.
1.3Outline how intellectual property is protected in own area of responsibility.
2Be able to develop knowledge. 2.1Identify established processes and procedures which can develop knowledge.
2.2Explain how to support individuals to ensure knowledge development processes are followed.
3Be able to share knowledge.3.1Communicate established processes and procedures which share knowledge across own area of responsibility.
3.2Explain how to support individuals to ensure knowledge-sharing processes are followed.
4Be able to monitor and evaluate knowledge management in own area of responsibility.4.1Assess the knowledge development process in own area of responsibility.
4.2Implement any changes to improve knowledge management.
4.3Monitor change and development in the knowledge development process.
Additional information about this unit
Purpose and aim of unitThis unit will ensure that learners are able to understand how knowledge is managed, using agreed procedures and processes in own organisation.
Details of the relationship between the unit and relevant national occupational standards or other professional standards or curricula (if appropriate)MSC E12 Manage knowledge in your area of responsibility.
Assessment requirements or guidance specified by a sector or regulatory body (if appropriate)This unit may be based on either candidate performance at work or through simulation, as necessary.

Simulation must not be used except in exceptional circumstances where natural work evidence in unlikely to occur. Agreement must be gained from the awarding organisation for the use of any simulation. If simulation is used, it should be used sparingly and should only form a small part of the evidence for the qualification.
Unit reference numberT/600/9730
Exemption(s) for this unitLearners who have achieved NVQ units within the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) with Cskills Awards or with another Awarding Organisation maybe considered as exemptions from the equivalent units within the QCF.
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