ACS gas

Who is it for?

If you are an experienced gas operative you need to have your competence assessed at five-yearly intervals by a Certification Body accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). Our assessments test your competence in gas safety work, in accordance with the requirements of the Nationally Accredited Certification Scheme for Individual Gas Fitting Operatives (ACS). The ACS gas scheme operates in the United Kingdom, including Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man.

A certificate of competence will form part of the requirements of the Gas Safe Register.


The assessments relate only to gas safety systems and equipment, and the knowledge and understanding required to install, inspect and service systems and equipment in accordance with appropriate regulations and to provide advice to customers.

Training prior to undertaking assessment is not mandatory. However, it is recommended to ensure knowledge of changes to legislation, British Standards and industry best practice. Attendance on training courses will not influence independent impartial assessment testing.

For assessment purposes, gas safety is divided into sector specific groupings:

  • Domestic Gas Safety, Natural Gas (NG)
  • Domestic Gas Safety, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)
  • Commercial Gas Safety, Natural and Liquefied Petroleum Gas
  • Emergency Service Operatives and Gas Meter Installers Gas Safety, Natural Gas
  • Commercial Catering Gas Safety, Natural and Liquefied Petroleum Gas.

Each sector has core safety criteria which must be satisfied as a pre-requisite to any appliance/equipment assessments in that field of scope for the specific fuel type.

If you hold core safety certification you may be able to extend your scope of work by undertaking a changeover assessment.

How to get a certificate/card

You must provide information to the assessment centre regarding your gas industry experience and qualifications on the Cskills Awards 'Application for Assessment' form. All cards are valid for five years. You will be notified by Cskills Awards six months prior to the expiry of any categories.

There are three categories based upon knowledge and experience:

Category 1

You are an experienced gas fitter seeking certificate renewal and/or assessment and certification to extend your work range. An expired or expiring Approved Code of Practice (ACoP) / ACS certificate is required as evidence for assessment.

Category 2

You must provide evidence of qualifications relevant to the area of gas work you are seeking certification in.
Examples of appropriate qualifications include:

  • plumbing craft qualification or National/Scottish Vocational Qualification (N/SVQ) (oil and/or solid fuel options) - suitable initially for domestic or commercial central, water heating or pipework installation
  • pipefitter/welder craft qualification or N/SVQ - suitable initially for commercial pipework, pipework commissioning and meter installation
  • heating and ventilation craft qualification or N/SVQ - suitable initially for commercial pipework and appliance installation
  • refrigeration engineer/fitter craft qualification or N/SVQ - suitable initially for commercial appliance and pipework installation

Written evidence from your employer of 'on-the-job' gas installation and/or maintenance gas work, carried out under direct supervision of competent operatives employed by a Gas Safe registered business, must be provided.

Category 3

If you are unable to provide a relevant related qualification and/or experience, you have a number of options. New entrants are advised to seek training and experience which will result in attainment of a N/SVQ in Gas Services, at Level II or III. Career changers are advised to seek training and experience which will result in attainment of a N/SVQ in Gas Services. Alternatively you should obtain employment or extended placement with a Gas Safe registered business who is willing to provide an audited 'in-company' extended period of gas training and experience. This can be linked to the Cskills Awards 'Intermediate Certificate' which will help to collate the evidence in a portfolio and provide the 'off-the-job' training record.

Why have one?

The Cskills Awards gas card is:

  • evidence of qualifications (this can be used onsite for employers/clients)
  • a requirement for Gas Safe registration which is essential for working within the Domestic, LPG, Commercial or Commercial Catering environmentInformation for existing gas operatives

Information for exisiting gas operatives

If you hold a current Gas Safe registration e.g. for domestic work and wish to extend the range of work you do to another e.g. commercial, you can apply to your nearest centre and undertake the appropriate assessment.

Gaining Gas Safe registration

Details of successful ACS candidates will be uploaded by Cskills Awards on to the Gas Safe national database. This does not mean automatic Gas Safe registration. You must still apply to Gas Safe to become registered.

Further information

Further information about this scheme is available in the scheme information .

To find an approved centre in your region take a look at Gas and oil training and assessment .

A range of publications are used by approved Cskills Awards training centres. These are used as part of training delivery and in some assessments. They can also be used for self-study and workplace reference.

For further information, contact your customer co-ordinator.

The Gas Safe Register and Energy and Utility Skills are further sources of information.