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National Skills Academy for Construction - a project-based training concept.

The National Skills Academy for Construction is delivered by CITB, the Sector Skills Council for the construction industry.

The Approaches

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National Skills Academy for Construction

The National Skills Academy for Construction is a project-based training concept that is tailored to helping clients and contractors to get the right skills where they need them - on site.

It's a demand-led training model, which means the client and contractor determine the required skills. It isn't just bricks and mortar training, it's practical and happens on a live project. Specific targets and requirements are developed at project level so training is made to fit the needs of each project.

The National Skills Academy for Construction is led by CITB, an organisation with a track record of over 40 years of successfully meeting the training needs of the industry.

Construction projects leading the development of the National Skills Academy for Construction include the 2012 Olympic Park, Manchester Schools Framework, Stanhope Regeneration, Pinderfields & Pontefract Hospital Joint Venture, Regenerate Pennine Lancashire, Media City UK, and Lewisham Building Schools for the Future.

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