Educational Provider Support


Schools and Colleges

Many local schools and colleges have students who want to get into construction, but don’t know where to start or what the industry is looking for. The National Skills Academy for Construction can provide real, current knowledge and experience of the construction industry.

Schools and colleges can get involved in a National Skills Academy for Construction project by sending students on site visits, or through apprenticeships and on-site training.

Key people from projects are also available to visit and give talks to students to provide real life examples of on-site work, what they’re doing on that particular project and the types of skills they need.

By working closely with the project skills co-ordinator, external training providers can also come into schools and talk to the students, providing short training sessions within the school environment.

This helps to educate schools and colleges about the projects themselves, what is happening, why employees are doing what they’re doing and the techniques being used.

Students get a wider education into what is required in the building industry, the skills they need and how to get involved. The National Skills Academy also provides great support for new diplomas and apprenticeship schemes.