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Myatts Field National Skills Academy for Construction Project

higgins-tb Myatts Field North is situated in the borough of Lambeth. The land was originally used as an allotment to grow and harvest crops. The land was then developed into traditional Victorian type housing, mainly known for their long linear roads and small back gardens.

Stratford City - Complete

Stratford is the largest retail-led, mixed-use urban regeneration project ever undertaken in the UK.

West Northamptonshire Development Corporation - Complete

100_00 As part of a major £100 million investment by Daventry District Council, Northamptonshire County Council and the private sector, West Northamptonshire Development Corporation has allocated over £6 million to the first phase of a town centre regeneration for Daventry.

King's Cross Central - Complete

London’s King’s Cross is being transformed into one of the largest and most complex programmes of planning and development-led regeneration in Europe. The regeneration is changing the complexion and physical fabric of the area, generating opportunity and prosperity through a comprehensive socio-economic programme of activity.

Heritage Trust for the North West - Complete

The Heritage Trust for the North West (HTNW) is a significant stockholder of the region's historic buildings and a not-for-profit organisation.

Stanhope Regeneration - Complete

The Stanhope project involves the regeneration of an existing housing scheme in Ashford, Kent.

Regenerate Pennine Lancashire - Completed 31/12/2010

elevate-dsc0818-50 Regenerate Pennine Lancashire is one of nine Housing Market Renewal pathfinders, charged with revitalising housing markets in former mill towns in Pennine Lancashire. The project will last up to 15 years and has attracted £167 million of government money.