DVD Training Programmes

Step by step DVD guides ensure everyone can be brought up to speed on site safety at their own pace. They allow you to take the classroom directly to your workers. Designed by people who really understand teh construction world and the wide mix of people who need training, they can be viewed at any worker's convenience on a computer or DVD player. Each option (unless stated) includes a CD with a printable pdf version of our trainer's manual.

All DVDs are classified into one of five sections below: 

  • Legal management

  • Health and welfare

  • General safety

  • High risk activities

  • Environment

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Legal management

CDM 2007 - What it means to you

This programme on DVD and CD-ROM describes in detail the requirements of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007. Find out more

One step ahead

The DVD uses a real-life accident scenario to demonstrate the responsbilities of managers and supervisors. Find out more

The worker engagement toolkit

This DVD and CD package outlines the benefits of involving the workforce in managing on site risks to health and safety. Find out more

Health and welfare

'If only I'd known'

This DVD outlines how not addressing basic controls that can help prevent work-related ill health can have devastating consequences. Find out more

Shattered lives 

This DVD features interviews with real victims of health and safety incidents who relive their experience on camera and tell of the dramatic consequences on their lives and on their family's lives. Find out more

General safety

Repair and refurbishment

This is a documentary-style film on how to reduce health and safety risks for workers on different types of sites. Reflects the requirements of CDM 2007. Find out more

Don't become a statistic

This is a training DVD which heightens the awareness of health and safety on site for everyone, whether direct employees, labour-only subcontractors or the self-employed. Find out more

High risk activities

Asbestos alert

This DVD provides guidance on the safe handling of asbestos. Find out more

Scaffold inspection toolkit

A leading industry scaffold inspector shows viewers a practical approach to best practice and outlines the potential pitfalls of getting it wrong. Find out more

Getting it right at height

This is a complete multimedia guide to safe working at height. Find out more

Alright at height

This is a film dealing with the need for safety in the most hazardous jobs - working at height and on roofs. Find out more

'If you should fall...'

This DVD outlines the proper use of three methods of preventing falls - safety nets, safety decking and air mats. Find out more


A guide to sustainability in the construction industry

This DVD outlines ways of running a site in a considerable and sustainable manner as well as reinforcing some environmental basics. Find out more


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