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In response to popular demand, we have developed online versions of our three biggest selling publications - Construction site safety (GE 700), Site supervision simplified (GE 706) and Toolbox talks (GT 700).

Users can gain access to the online publications any time from any PC with internet access. The content is updated as legislation changes, meaning that the online publication is always up-to-date during the 12-month subscription period.

We have also made available a taster version of all three products to show you how the online products work. Simply visit the new online portal www.citb-constructionskills.co.uk/gold and click on 'Guest Access'. This will allow you to view samples.

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Construction site safety (GE 700) online

GE 700 2013

Construction site safety is the leading publication within the construction industry for guidance on current construction health, safety and environmental legislation.

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Site supervision simplified (GE 706) online

GE 706 2013

The content is aimed at supervisors and first line managers, but also provides managers and owners of small cosntruction companies with easy to understand information and practical guidance to help them implement, supervise and monitor the required standards of health, safety and environment on construction sites.

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Toolbox talks (GT 700) online

GT 700 2013

Toolbox Talks are short presentations to the workforce on essential elements of health and safety. They are an important opportunity for supervisors to emphasise the importance of health and safety regulations and particular issues and procedures on site with their employees.

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