New 2014 Publications

Following industry feedback, we have made further updates to our key publications to ensure they meet the current and future needs of the widening scope of the industry. These publications include:

  • GE 700 Construction site safety
  • GT 700 Toolbox talks
  • GE 706 Site supervision simplified

These updated publications (in hard copy, CD-ROM and online formats) can be ordered now.

If you have any questions about the changes please view our FAQs or sample pages on the right. Alternatively call 0344 994 4122.

GE 700 Construction site safety

The 2014 edition of Construction site safety (GE 700) has a new improved box, an additional supporting information book and has been updated in line with any legislation changes to bring it fully up to date for 2014. These updates help you to keep right up-to-date with changes in legislation and industry best practice.

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GT 700 Toolbox talks

The Toolbox talks (GT700) is a spiral bound A5 full colour publication. For 2014 there have been two new talks added one on fragile roofs and one on safety signs. It follows the same chapter structure as Site supervision simplified (GE 706) which is the companion product to the Toolbox talks (GT 700).

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GE 706 Site supervision simplified

The Site supervision simplified (GE 706) is aimed at supervisors and first line managers, but also provides managers and owners of small construction companies with easy to understand information. It also includes practical guidance to help them implement, supervise and monitor the required standards of health, safety and environment construction sites.

Updates have been made to reflect legislation changes and information has been added about managing works safely on fragile roofs. There is also a new chapter on site set up and site security.

GE700 Module Mapping

The module mapping information will help you update any documents and presentations you may have as it lists the current module references and which new section this information can be found in.