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Don't Become A Statistic

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April 2007
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The first few weeks on site are the most critical ones. Health and safety figures show that approximately 50% of fatal accidents in the building and construction industry occur within the first week of the victim starting work on site. This programme will assist employers to fulfil their legal obligations under Regulation 11 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, which says in part: "Every employer shall ensure that his employees are provided with adequate health and safety training: - on their being recruited into the employer's undertaking; and - on their being exposed to new or increased risk because of transfers, being given new responsibilities, new work equipment, new technology or changes in the system of work". Anyone just starting with a company or joining a new site, irrespective of length of service or experience, should see this DVD. Its fundamental purpose is to heighten awareness of health and safety on site for everyone - whether direct employees, labour only sub contractors or self-employed. No differentiation has been made between these groups so that the material is relevant to all. Everyone on site is exposed to the risk of accidents and ill health so everyone needs effective health and safety training.

This DVD pack contains a trainer's manual on CD (PDF file which can be printed).

Note to overseas customers: Our DVDs are Region 2 / PAL format.

DVD running times are approximately 20 minutes each.

Re-edited in May 2005.

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